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  • Guidelines for an Individuals
  • I. Pursuit of Holiness in Personal Lifestyle:
    1. Leading by Example in the spirit of excellence by living a personal life of Holiness. Holiness is the best form of spiritual warfare. Placing the first commandment in first place.

    a. “Be Holy for I am Holy”. Lev 11:44, 1Pet1:16. 1Ti 2:15

    b. A life that is committed to living a pure and transparent life. 1Ti 4:12, 1Ti 5:2

    2. Prayer and Fasting. Psa 35:13, Dan 9:3, Mat 17:21, Mar 9:29, 1Co 7:5 .Luk 2:36,37, Joe 2:12, Act 14:23.

    3. Becoming the Word of God made flesh by living the Word. Joh 1:14.

    -As you learn a new principle or key through the Word apply by living the Word of God.

    -If wanting to move in more Healing than begin to meditate on the Miracles’ Jesus.

    -If wanting to move in the prophetic seer anointing begin to meditate on Daniel’s story and dreams.

    -If wanting to move in visitations and open visions begin to meditate on the book of revelation, Ezekiel etc…

    -Believe all that you read in the Word as a child and “Just Do it!” like Nike.

    4. Sowing resources in the Kingdom beyond normal expectations (Tithes and Offering). The generosity of the Saints releases a greater level of anointing. Luk 6:38, Mal 3:10, Acts 10:3,4.

    5. Spending intimacy time with Holy Spirit and receive subsequent impartation of His presence to release ‘As we go” in the Community.

    a. Hunger for His Presence. Jer 29:13.

    b. Soaking (Contemplative Prayer).Isa 40:31Isa 30:15Psa 91:1,I Cor. 3:16Col. 1:26, 27Isa 64:4,Psa 119:10Col 3:16Deu 11:18 Psa46:10, ISamuel 3:1-11.

    c. Praying in tongues Continually. 1Co 14:18, 1Co 14:15, 1Th 5:17, Col 4:2, Jud 1:20.

    d. Reading of the Word and meditating on scriptures Day and Night.Psa 1:22,
    Ti 2:15

    e. Loud Bold Prayer moment in private and/or public. Jer 51:38, Psa 98:7 Psa 104:21,Isa 5:29.Act 4:29-31. Holiness releases a boldness.

    6. Living a practical life in the Supernatural beyond the walls of the church in constant power evangelism in all our territorial or societal influences. Mat 22:9,Mat 28:19

    7. Be an extravagant praise and worship person lifting up clean hands and pure heart worshiping God in the beauty of His Holiness in the Fear of the Lord. 1Ti 2:8
    Psa 29:2,Psa 66:4,Psa 95:6,Psa 96:9, Psa 99:5
    Psa 99:9,Psa 132:7,Rev 14:7

    a) Releasing His Sound creates lights and vice a versa; Releasing His Light creates sounds waves and the sound waves causes all things to shake and vibrate for Him.Gen 1:3, Psa 89:15, Jos 6:5, 2Sa 5:24, 2Sa 6:15, 1Ki 1:40,Psa 77:17, 1Th 5:5, Col 1:12, Eph 5:14, Mat 5:14.
    Job 22:28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

    b) The Light of God brings truth along with it. Psa 43:3,
    Joh 3:21

    c) We are in the Light when we abide in Him; The things we do with our Praise and Worship instrument (Body) releases light. Wether we shake, dance, vibrate, travail, scream yell, or shout like a trumpet, the light is released by the motions of our body. 1Th 5:5, 1Jn 2:10, 1Jn 1:7, 1Jn 1:5,Eph 5:8, Col 1:12, Joh 12:36, Mat 5:14

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